Overview of the East County Senior Coalition

First Meeting – October 2000

East County Senior CoalitionAdvisory Council on Aging requested that a Senior Coalition form in the East County.  County Area Agency on Aging staff had worked with key individuals in the West and Central County to start coalitions.  Two county staff members and an advisory council member from the county invited 84 individuals, professionals, community advocates and consumers to the first meeting.

Area Agency on Aging staff has provided support and continues to.

The group developed a vision statement and came up with key topics for future meetings based on known needs of the communities.

We would act as an Advocacy group including Professionals and community oriented individuals.

Vision /Mission Statement

The East County Senior Coalition exists to identify senior needs and advocate for those needs to improve the quality of life for citizens of the community.   

The East County Senior Coalition is being formed to create one voice for East County Seniors.  Its purpose is to identify senior needs and to advocate for solutions that  address those needs. 

Drafted outreach letter for potential participants.

Critical Issues for Seniors in the East County

Out of the many discussed, the four with the greatest need were as follows:

  1. Information/Education about existing programs.
  2. Transportation – how to best serve the senior communities with existing services (many were unaware) and how to advocate for improved services.
  3. Affordable Housing – not enough subsidized senior housing and affordable assisted living.
  4. Food – Some communities lack nutrition sites – access to them is difficult (transportation).